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Newborn SEssions

As a Chicago newborn photographer, I am drawn to capturing images that evoke emotion through connection. Newborn photography is perhaps the most poignant example. Of course, moms always ask: is there an ideal timeframe for taking newborn photos?

The short answer: No.  

You can get beautiful intimate pictures immediately after the birth of your little one but the the truth is, having a newborn is challenging, there’s a lot of spit up involved and most likely you haven’t slept in the last 24 hours. But strong and extraordinary connection between you and your baby is real and is beautiful. 

I can sympathize with any woman not wanting to photographed just hours after labor. However, as a mother and a photographer, I would just say remember these two things: (1) there will only be one day in your life when your baby is that new and (2) a good photographer will take pictures that respect and support mom and the baby while capturing the wonder of that first full day of the rest of their lives together. 

That said, as beautiful as those first breaths of life are, newborns are no less cute or miraculous one month, two months, or even three months later!

Mom, dad, and siblings have time to get comfortable with their new little creature, and mom might even manage to get some sleep before the photo shoot! There is time to clean the and finish the nursery, allowing for a cozy and homey backdrop.

Best of all, my newborn creative fees include my online stylist and my make-up artist and hair-stylist to come to your house. This is a Game. Changer.

When you’ve been in the newborn fog for weeks, worrying about feedings and changings and sleeping, you are barely noticing whether your hair is washed or your shirt is clean. To press pause and take some time for yourself, to have a moment of feeling beautiful, is priceless.

As with most any choice you make as a parent, what you believe is best, safest, and sanest is the correct answer. That connection between you and your baby is there, whether s/he is 30 hours or 30 days old.

I purposefully chose the words "Before they fly away" to appear on the first page of my site because I want everyone who visits to understand why I do and love this work. While my business and photography style has evolved, my mission has stayed the same since I first started in 2009: to save the fleeting and glittering moments that make our lives worth living.

All Newborn Sessions include:

  • hair and makeup stylist on site before our session

  • pre-session wardrobe styling for your whole family with my exclusive online stylist. We will work together to decide what will photograph best.

  • pre-session questionnaire followed by phone consultation to plan out all of the details

  • onsite location* or Chicago studio session 60-90 minute options

  • an online viewing session of gallery video and your Pinterest-style gallery with 35+ images

There are many collections to suit different family needs. All collections include family portrait prints for your walls.

Collection Options:

  • Prints

  • jpegs (number varies based on collection)

  • options for discounted frame upgrade

  • session fee for your next session within the next 18 months

  • album from our session

* Emily loves to travel! Contact her to find out more about travel fees.