Ten little bluebirds perched on a pine,

One flew away and then there were nine.


I am so glad you stopped by! I’m Emily, a Chicago-based baby, children’s, and family photographer. I do this because I love the moments, big and small, beautiful and real, that make your heart swell.

These are the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them years, when you’re running around trying to keep up with work, school, soccer practice, teething, and stomach flu. It’s a crazy, beautiful time; one that you’ll look back on fondly when life slows back down and the house is quiet.

My mission is to capture everything, from the daily grind to the big milestones, that build your story. Because before you know it, everyone flies away… and you’ll want some beautiful memories hanging on the wall before that!

I look forward to meeting your family!


Emily Cummings

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