When should I schedule my Newborn Photo Shoot? Chicago Children, Family and Baby Photographer

In an earlier post, I discussed how important it is in my photography to capture images that evoke emotion through a connection. In this last post, I wrote about why some parents choose to do their newborn photo shoots right away. However, there also many people that prefer to wait.  

The Case for Waiting to Take Pictures

As beautiful as those first breaths of life are, newborns are no less cute or miraculous one month, two months, or even three months later! I had the privilege of doing a recent photo shoot where the family waited a few months before having me to the house. Mom and dad had given themselves time to get comfortable with this new little guy! The house was clean and the nursery was done, allowing for a cozy backdrop.

As with most any choice you make as a parent, what you believe is best, safest, and sanest is the correct answer. That connection between you and your baby is there, whether s/he is 30 hours or 30 days old.

I purposefully chose the words "Before they fly away" to appear on the first page of my site because I want everyone who visits to understand why I do and love this work. While my business and photography style has evolved, my mission has stayed the same since I first started in 2009: to save the fleeting and glittering moments that make our lives worth living.